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Created with LE SACCAGE, XX100, TOMAX & EDITHDONC shops ephemeral "L'ART EST PUBLIC" & "L'ART EVOLUTION".
Ephemeral shops with Aboriginal artists - Hyères.

Gallery d'as opening

Added Oct 25, 2007

La Mole, the Gulf of St Tropez.

International competition on the theme of REVOLUTION

Added Oct 25, 2007

Exhibition of winners of the competition on the theme of revolution, in Artisticulturel to Caderouse.

Jury member Art Contest are:

Faiza Bayou Algérie
Karin Albagnac-Zutterman Belgique
Hélène Leroy pour Artisticulturel France
Dani "king" Heriyanto Indonesie
Magiic Gill Californie
Bernard Renno Liban

Article Var morning April 8, 2012

Added Oct 25, 2007

Républiq'Art gallery
13 rue de la République
83400 Hyères

Mediterranea 2012

Added Oct 25, 2007

Article dans "Le Cannois" N°681

Républiq'Art gallery

Added Oct 25, 2007

Var morning of Tuesday, January 8, 2013.

Exhibition gallery Horace Vernet

Added Oct 25, 2007

From 05 to 18 November 2012.
Avenue Georges Clemenceau La Londe.

Article var morning November 15, 2012

J.M Hauchemaille & EDITHDONC the Transporter

Added Oct 25, 2007

Exhibition from April 30 to June 2, 2012.

the Transporter
Avenue Gambetta - La Seyne-sur-Mer.

Show on Environment and Sustainable Development 2010, Le Pradet

Added Oct 25, 2007

May 8, 2010

BigDrum to St Tropez

Added Oct 25, 2007

Article Var morning
April 2010

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