In a need for freedom, I juggle between several modes of expression.  
Edith Donc, whose real name is Edith Bos Boyer, was born in 1978 in Hyères in the Var.

Through her parents' profession, she discovered from an early age the personal enrichment brought by travel. Besides various peregrinations in Europe and in some other places of the globe, she lived in Algeria, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Her taste for drawing appears from childhood when she reproduces photos and images in pencil and then in pen. Then, around the age of 18, she decided to approach painting and began tormented, abstract and colorful works.

It was in 2001 that she decided to fulfill her dream of enriching and deepening her knowledge and passed the entrance examination for the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the city of Liège, Belgium.
Holder of a degree in monumental painting in 2005, she returned to the south of France where she settled as a professional painter.

Mural painting Rabaton street - Hyères 2021.

"Bella Via" Street Painting Festival in Mexico - 2015

Back in Hyères in 2009, she met local artists and devoted herself from 2010 to the realization of artistic events.
Co-founder and organizer of L'Art est public, an ephemeral boutique, L'Art Evolution then joined forces and became co-manager of the Républiq'Art gallery until 2015.

Discovering Street Art, she was the winner in 2015 of the "free drawing" category at the 6th International Festival of Street Painting in Toulon and won the 1st prize, a participation in the Bella Via festival in Monterrey, Mexico.
Subsequently she participated in many festivals in Germany, England, Italy including the famous International Madonnari Festival in Grazie, Italy, and came back medalist.

That same year, 2017, she opened, along with three other designers, a workshop/boutique called Aux Arts etc... within the Parcours des Arts, rue du Temple in the old center of Hyères.

A whole new experience is offered to her in 2018: snow sculpture. She participates in the "Winter Festival of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli" in Canada.

"Her work represents the dynamism, the determination of the contemporary woman. There is a force that emerges from the paintings."
Nadine Agin, member of the jury of "Talents de Femmes 2009"

"Edith Donc constantly searches, digs, explores new modes of expression that she develops as extensions of her own experiences. Her language is not figurative by chance. With the use of different techniques and mediums, acrylic, ink, pen, date stamp, and preferably painted with the fingers, she tries to transmit her vision of the world to us. Her eclectic and very personal painting is the reflection of a complex personality, in permanent development. This young woman has everything evidence of things to tell us...".
Nathalie Enamorado

Prize category "Portrait" Galerie Phocéa, Marseille 2008.
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Body painting - White nights Hyères.

Medalist at the Grazie street painting festival in Italy.

Snow sculpture, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli in Canada.

Toulon Street Painting Festival.

Painting performance Galerie Lafayette.

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